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How was your weekend?  

I enjoyed my weekend at home with my husband. We played some VR (Virtual Reality) games and watched videos on YouTube about the solar system, energy and the origin of man and then on Sunday, he took me for lunch at Trattoria da Matteo, a family style Italian restaurant in Szekszárd. 

Okay, it is a new week and we are back to the bustling.  

First, I want to say thank you to everyone that downloaded, listened, shared and gave feedback for my new single featuring Bemshima “Good Anger”. It means the world.  

In this journey for the mind revolution, we need to start somewhere to talk about the mentalities preventing our progress.

I watched two documentaries about different countries in Africa, how we are different and what makes us unique as Nations.  

Now Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and her current population is 199,783,091 as of Thursday, April 11, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates. 

Do you know that a UN study last year found that over 60 percent of the population live on $1.25 a day? 

It all comes down to the way we think.  

Many Nigerians like those living in rural areas have a low level of family planning and child spacing education. 

Sometimes it is not because organizations, health or social workers have not visited these places, in fact, they give  free contraceptives and health care services to prevent HIV, STD and promote family planning.



Culture and Religion. 

It defines culture in the dictionary as “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.” 

I think the reason for having many children in Nigerian communities in the old days, was to show how fertile a woman or man was and how wealthy a family is because to have many children meant more hands on the farm and more yams and goats.  

Another reason was to have as many boys so they can defend their villages during raids when they come of age. 




Women in northern Nigeria have an average of over seven babies, with no money to feed or pay hospital bills they give birth at home increasing the mortality rate according to statistics.

Deeply rooted cultural and religious norms in the conservative north have an influence on how many years of schooling, girls and young women can have before marriage. Most girls in the impoverished north-west give birth in their mid-teens, according to the Demographic and Health Surveys Program, the US data provider. 

Cultures that support “Male child” preference has contributed to this. No matter how many girl children a family have they won’t stop as they will continue procreating until they have a male child or more.

The religious and traditional rulers are hardly speaking about over population in the Northern parts of Nigeria as it is a sensitive topic. If these leaders come together to address this issues maybe the people will listen.




I am sure we can see the impact of overpopulation on our depreciating environment, the worsening quality of life of Nigerians and high rise in unemployment.  

Culture and tradition are important but like everything, it will change or has to because the origin of these things doesn’t work well with modern society anymore. 

Change is constant, are we still using stones to carve meat? are we still wearing leaves? are you still the same height and shape since you were born? have you learned new things throughout your life? 

The same way things have changed in the body so our minds can change in cultural practices that don’t favor us as Nigerians. 

“Culture appears to have become key in our interconnected world, which consists of so many diverse societies, but also riddled by conflicts associated with religion, ethnicity, ethical beliefs, and the elements which make up culture,” De Rossi said. 

We can change our culture that doesn’t work well in our time while respecting and still preserving it. 




- Government and organizations in Nigeria need to work together to empower women and girls and not just for the applauds and posting on social media.  

When you educate a girl child whether formal or skills acquisition they will learn to be independent and confident. They can decide how they want their lives to be not what society wants them to be and learn the value of family planning and child spacing. 

- If you believe in religion then why don’t you believe that children both male and female are gifts from God?.   

Open your minds and see that the little changes as having fewer kids can go a long way to save a country drowning in overpopulation. 

- Think, be realistic and knowledgeable. Overpopulation is not working for us, is it? yet we are nearly 200 million Nigerians. You need to think hard as a family and ask yourself how you are contributing to Nigeria’s problems. Don’t make children you can not cater to and learn child spacing. 

- As youths, we can cry and complain but these politicians are “hardened criminals”. They are not listening and will never listen until we come together and do things for each other.  

- Teach proper sex education, please. Stop these “morality” kind of sex education, Back your information with data and show people the real truth concerning unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy. Why not use the proper name of body parts for a start?  

- Hospitals and pharmacy owners teach proper ethics to staffs. You need to be professional when anyone comes to buy a condom. Don’t squeeze your facial muscles or ask questions uncalled for or even judge with your demeanor. You should instead encourage the need to be prepared. 

- The government should adopt a policy change that doesn’t infringe on any human right but can slow down population growth, can it work in Nigeria? I hope. 

Why not start debates about mentality change in Nigeria, listening to all sides on any matter is the only way to find a lasting solution? 

In conclusion, our population is exploding and something needs to happen about it before any real change can start in Nigeria. 

Have a beautiful week, share and drop a comment if you like.







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