Rising out of the underground music scene in Africa, Nigerian born artist Zinny is an award-winning singer-songwriter taking her talents to the global stage. Her sound is softly soothing and sensual — crafting soul-perfect anthems with an Afro-beat infused backbone. She often talks on subjects difficult to speak about — bringing socially conscious lyricism to her powerfully emotive tracks. From sad love songs to revolutionary ones, her style encompasses a wide range of relatable emotions as she uses the timeless sounds of soulful R&B to the infectious rhythms of afro style.

Zinny started her career back in 2012 with the release of her debut single “The Way You Make Me Feel”. She’s released over thirty singles and a full-length EP. The chart-topping artist won an AMMA award for her popular single Ginikinacho and her single Taboo love, which is a successful hit all across Europe. Much of her tracks talk on social issues. Don’t be fooled, though. She doesn't compromise on style, always providing a catchy anthem every time.

These days she’s getting back in touch with her roots. Her latest single "Second Chance" signifying the end of an era where she will create music from a place of passion. She’s inspired by stories, sounds, and experiences in life, often touching on her struggles of growing up as a girl child in Nigeria along with other issues such as depression. Zinny will release her second EP in January 2021, with her latest single and video out, she's set to release a teaser single off her Ep in November 2020.